Regolamento SPA Hotel Columbia

Regulation of Hotel Columbia’s SPA from 22.12.2018 to the end of winter season 2019

• The Hotel Columbia’s SPA is open to outside public
• The opening hours are from 3.30 pm to 7.30 pm.  Depending on seasonal factors, the direction may change the days and the opening hours. Entry to minors of 16 years is prohibited.
• The access to the SPA is free for those who booked a room with the “SPA access” rate; if not, the client wanting to access the SPA will be required to pay a supplement cost.
• In order to maintain an atmosphere of relax and harmony, the kind guests are invited to speak softly and to not use cellphones.
• It is not allowed to bring food or drinks inside the SPA, as well as glass objects.
• Using the SPA, the client he assumes responsibility for his state of health; the direction is not responsible any problems that may occur using the SPA. The use of the sauna is not recommended in case of fever, epilepsy and in the presence of cardiac and circulatory disorders as well as for people with contagious diseases or skin inflammation, during pregnancy and the age of development.
• The direction declines any responsibility for accidents to persons and / or things that happened in the SPA area caused by customers' imprudence.
• During the use of saunas, at the end of the various relax stops, customers are asked to free the chaise lounges of the towels. In the event that the towls are abandoned on the chaise lounge, the same will be hung by our staff on the appropriate hooks.

• To guarantee the availability of treatments, we kindly ask you to book in advance.

• Appointments booked and not canceled at least 24 hours before the treatment will still be charged.

• Entry to animals is forbidden.